Pressure Washing Demo

My name is Jack Young with J & A Pressure Washing. I was kind of looking for something as a side business and some buddies told me there was a shortage on this right here.

A lot of folks buy them little machines from Lowe’s and Home Depot that kind of spray cold water here and there but don’t get the job done. A lot of folks don’t know what these machines like this one here will actually do with the heat and the pressure cleaner like I’ve got right here, the surface cleaner.

I’ve talked to people trying to get their business and they say “Well we’ve got somebody doing it” and then we walk out in the parking lot and see gum stuck there that’s been stuck there for years and years and they don’t want to hardly give you a chance to see what it can do. Mine will actually blow that gum up in just a second or two that’s been there for years.

Basically I’ll clean anything: residential, commercial, concrete, houses, cars, trucks, heavy equipment, drilling rigs, coal mines, I’m insured to the Gill, just whatever you have that you want clean we’ll clean it up.